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+1 (909) 248-4134

About Fiber Builders

Fiber Builders is the company that fiber providers turn to when looking for customers who want to discuss low cost or no cost network expansion. Since 2004 we have facilitated the introduction of thousands of business to the top fiber Ethernet carriers in California, Illinois, Florida, and Michigan. Using our proprietary company contact research software, we specialize in getting the great news about zero-cost fiber builds to the right people who can make the decision to buy. We are passionate about helping businesses take advantage of the incredible productivity gains that come with gigabit internet speeds.

Most of our work is focused around the industry leading providers: Integra (Electric Lightwave), WOW! Business, Level 3 Communications, Comcast Business, Spectrum Business, and Brighthouse. We have access to many more, so if you would like us to find you a gigabit Ethernet carrier who will build fiber into your building, please fill out the contact form and we will query a database of over a dozen providers to see which one will be the best fit.

Best of all, we add the human touch to the entire buying experience. Similar to a real estate agent that is paid to represent you and safe-guard your interests, Fiber Builders has a staff of seasoned professionals who were once employed by a provider of fiber services. They know the ins and outs of this industry, how to negotiate a zero-cost build, and how to make sure that your service is installed and delivered on-time. Put our team to the test and see what a difference working with Fiber Builders can make.


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